Sylvia WhiteSylvia White has been teaching art classes for 23 years in a variety of media including photography, ceramics, sculpture, watercolor, drawing and functional art.

She holds a B.A. degree in Art and a Master's degree in Education from U.C.L.A. and has studied with such art notables as Chris Burden and Nancy Rubins, Charles Ray, Luis Bermudez, George Hermes and Paul McCarthy.

It is with notable enthusiasm that I recommend Sylvia White as a seasoned educator and compelling visual artist.

Sylvia’s highly intuitive process reflects years of honing the intangible skills that make a mature artist’s practice satisfying to behold. Her extensive background in ceramics, sculpture and photography has sensitized her to a variation of material surfaces and characteristics, to a remarkable degree. I am especially intrigued by her ability to seize, with a striking economy of means, the abstract dimension of a subject regardless of the medium she employs. Her aesthetic sense is unerringly refined, yet original.

As a person, Sylvia is a wise, informed and good-humored woman—thoroughly self-aware, and a joy to work with in every way. My exchanges with her are always stimulating and rewarding; her insights about art and life are considered and illuminating. Her personal story is an inspiring chronicle of talent, preparation and commitment. Sylvia is a worldly woman who has spent many years refining her personal sensitivities, artistic vision and pedagogical skills--enabling her to make the most of her opportunities and experience.

— Monica Majoli
Associate Professor of Studio Art
University of California, Irvine
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