Sunburst Art Studio offers drawing, painting and ceramic workshops, using the majestic Mojave desert as an inspiration. The cool days, clean air and starry nights of the season will invigorate you as the unique views of Joshua Tree National Park challenge you and give your work new direction. This is not a beginner's level—it is assumed that you know how to work in these media and want to practice your art in an unique setting, with others of a similar level of experience and under the guidance of a teacher who can develop your potential.

Sylvia is the rare sort of instructor that one longs to find. She is there with insight and guidance at the right moment and out of the way, but nearby, the rest of the time.

— Todd Thille
NEW: Handmade birdhouses
Made from recycled desert materials in Joshua Tree, CA, these one-of-a-kind birdhouses are ideal for home, patio or garden. Large (18"X4"X5") are $49 plus shipping/Small (10"X9"X9") are $39 plus shipping.
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Ceramics workshop attendee
Encore Environments workshop attendee
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Instructor lead art workshops in and around Joshua Tree National Park
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